News of the Fair Literal Barcelona

Closes the most crowded edition of the Fair Literal With 15,000 attendees

Closes the most crowded edition of the Fair Literal With 15,000 attendees

A thousand people attend the closing conference, by feminist economist Silvia Federici

Publishers value very positively the expansion of spaces and the growing interest of readers in radical books.

Some 15,000 people have spent over the weekend 5th edition of the Fair Literal , the fair of ideas and radical books. The organizers value very positively the attendance and emphasize that it has been the most crowded.

This year the fair has been marked by growth and professionalization. And the two axes that have guided the programme have been feminism and anti-fascist commitment.

The Fair Literal Possible since it started on 2015 thanks to the group Organiser formed by Tigre de Paper , Ateneu L'harmonia, La Carbonera Bookshop, Triangular Edicions , the Trinity Library (José Barbero, the Biblioteca Ignasi Iglésias – Can Fabra I Editions Bellaterra . And also thanks to Fabra I Coats that welcomes it from It started.

Expansion of the book market and overwork activities
This year the book market, central space of the fair, has been extended and has gone from eighty to one hundred stalls of Catalan publishers and all over the state and the world. Also, the spaces for activities have been extended.

The team The organizer considers a success this extension because throughout Weekend all activities have been filled. Attendance has Particularly multitudinary during Sunday, and in several Areas of activity have been overwhelmed.

The Participants value very positively the expansion of the market Of the book and celebrate the thousands of people who have passed Of the growing interest in fiction and non-fiction literature that is committed to society. Attendees value the increase in quality and supply that In recent years in independent publishers and the growth Of the radical edition in Catalan.

It has also grown the space dedicated to Gastronomy, which is responsible for managing Xarec, a cooperative Services to catering and responsible tourism. The choice of a Cooperative gastronomic proposal with the commitment of the fair with the social, solidarity and sustainable economy.

Of feminism and anti-fascism, the commitments of Literal 2019
The conference that has aroused more expectation was that of Silvia Federici, international referent of feminist economy. The 650 tickets that could be reserved for the day were sold In advance to attend. And other spaces have been enabled within the Exhibition Center to continue the conference streaming. Between The auditorium and the other authorised spaces, a thousand people have followed live the conversation led by the journalist Olga Rodríguez.

In Over the course of the weekend there have been other conversations The environment of feminism, as the inaugural debate on the construction of The feminist city, or an interview with Andrea D'Atri. And debates and Talks on cooperative economy, Marxism, Popular sports, and independent publishing.

The other axis of the Fair was anti-fascism. In a context of electoral boom of the extreme And right around the continent, Literal Wanted to show their commitment from the culture of fascism. So one of the central conferences was on Saturday that of theIcelandic writer Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, interviewed by the journalist Laura Rosel and that they followed live some 300 people.

Throughout the weekend the fictional literature Areas of the Fira, both in the form of the different Conversation with a variety of authors like a poetic recital or other Artistic actions. In addition, coinciding with the centenary of Joan Brossa, His poetry, graphism and commitment has been present in several spaces During the fair.

This year there has also been a space for illustration, That organizers understand that it is also a radical element of the world And therefore have invited to participate in the fair.

The proposals for the child and family audience have Filling the space Kanalla with clowns, tales of refugees and With the poetry of Joan Brossa. It has also had very good Received the opening ofEspai Calma, which has brought poetry to the fair. And, like the last occasions, the music has accompanied the two sessions with groups that have made all the attendees dance.

Leap in professionalization with Literal Pro
This year the fair has made a very important leap towards professionalization because it is the first year in which the Literal Pro, a space for independent and radical editing professionals. Thursday 9 and Friday 10, just before the fair opened to the public 64 Publications (35 of which are international) participated in the In this meeting to Exchange and buy rights and begin projects In common.

Carlota Freixenet, spokesperson for the Fair Literal Makes The balance sheet of this first edition of the Literal Pro: "We are very Of the evaluations made by the participating publishers, and The working and collaborative environment that has been breathed Two days. The participating publishers have had the opportunity to exchange Their impressions, establishing collaborations and making purchases Rights ".