Galeria d’imatges de la fira Literal 2016

“ Literal "Is what comes out as it flows, something that does not need subterfugi. Literature has been one of the most disputed battlefields to defend the interests of the stripped against power. In recent times we have seen a new creative wave invading our bookstores.

The second edition of the Fair took place in Barcelona, in the Ateneu Harmonia in the former factory complex Fabra I Coats, in Calle San Adrián, 20 in the district of Sant Andreu del Palomar, on 13, 14 and 15 May of 2016. A fair open to the public, with the intention of connecting the different independent publishing projects and political book libraries with a public reader with political and cultural concerns.

Totes les imatges de la fira Literal 2016. Una fira plena de conferències, entrevistes, concerts, debats i sobretot molts i molts llibres! Esperem repetir l’any vinent!

The promoters of this fair are the publishers Tigre de Paper , Pol·len , Virus , Bellaterra and Icaria editorial together with the Contrabandos group.

Llista completa de les editorials i llibreries de Literal 2016 amb tota la seva informació.

Imatges de Dani Morell per la fira Literal 2016. Podeu veure la seva obra a

Totes les imatges de Literal 2016 al Flikr de la fira.

Imatges de la fira Literal 2016

Market of the book of the Fair Literal 2016

Conferència inaugural de la fira Literal 2016

Conferència de la Premi Nobel Svetlana Aleksiévitx a la fira Literal 2016.

Nanni Balestrini Conference at the Fair Literal 2016