News of the Fair Literal Barcelona

Inaugural Address of the Fair Literal 2018

Good afternoon at all and at all,

Thank you for attending this inaugural event of the Fair Literal 2018-2012.

First we want to thank the group for the promotion of all those invisible people who make this project possible throughout the year.

First of all and before continuing we want to stop giving our memories and our warmth to the political dams and prisoners that are now locked in the Spanish prisons. And also to those artists like Valtonyc who will enter the next few days in jail. But above all why we touch very close there is a person who this year may not be with us and that last year he directed one of the lectures, Anna Gabriel, from here a very strong embrace. We'll return to you all at home!

We continue thanking you. Thanks to librarians, programmer, designers, editors, translators, proofreaders, libretters, journalists, and all those who make it possible for a book to reach our hands... Collective and professional spaces of literature that make it possible for a set of roles to be converted into weapons of thought, in books we read and that make us question reality and even ourselves. Because books and radical ideas are those that pretend not only to analyze the world but to change it from the root. That's why we do the Fair Literal , the annual book and radical Ideas meeting. Ours is a clear commitment, but there are no unformed funds and we also opt for all those collective spaces that understand the book from the independence of large groups and by a social and solidarity economy. We are committed to independent publishers and libraries, people who take care of the editions and the selection of catalogs throughout the year. So that the publishers you will find at the fair will always find them in these social centers of living culture that are bookshops.

We cannot forget that we do not move books as goods nor as an accumulation of objects in shelves, which is why we promote a culture of sharing through these other centers of Community literature, reading and thought of the whole Of the city's popular classes. Authentic spaces of free culture: libraries, which this year have incorporated into the organization of the Fair.

The fair is a political commitment that comes from the book sector and address the whole of the people of the city and the country, and in particular to groups oppressed by this system and with the fair we try to provide tools of thought to contribute to their emanci passion. For this reason, we wanted to be present, more present than ever the interseccionalitat analysis of pressures that affect us: as women, as a class and as an oppressed nation. And a special mention to the discriminated against by their origin: from here a big hug to the companions migrated closed to claim that they are people.

This year, in addition, it is important for us to emphasize that the two headliners of the show are two women. Two brave women revolutionary and, in addition, come to speak of their struggles, not only as a feminist, but as fighters. They are not here just for the fact of being women, but for their militant, social and political importance. Perhaps his presence here will make us be more aware of how you live the militancy from a feminist perspective, of how women can be invisibilitzades in all the struggles, and how important is that, again, let's take the word.

50 years ago the world exploted in a rivers of smiling people and proclaiming the revolt. In Vietnam the war was won by a guerrilla of the VietCong, in Paris, workers and students rose against a system of opdeals, the blacks of the Guettos in Oakland, the women, proclaiming that Mai Més They would be objects, in Mexico, in Japan, in our country... Everywhere the flames of the revolts extended. And today new waves rise everywhere, workers strikes on Amazon, a new Vietnam in Siria and a new Vietcong in Rojava is winning to fascism, women back to rise against patriarchy and sexism and in our country thousands of people are organized for Defend the Republic.


50 years after the 1968, today from our book barricade, we invite you to join the rebellion, to think together what we do, what we want and how we do it. To dream of this new world that is already coming and to prepare us reading, reading a lot and knowing that the revolutions are doing in the streets but they prepare them in the books.

That you enjoy many ideas and radical books and that the fair lives Literal !