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The book is not just a market, either for us that we produce and sell books. The book is a training tool, an individual and collective resource, a form of circulation of knowledge, and even of fun, the book is a common good. That is why we want our books to be common property and we want to figure out your future on the basis of this common membership.

The objective of the books Literal is to denounce and try to correct what produces imbalance and impoverishment, our goal is to create a complex, diverse, critical and radical ecosystem. Literal aims to contribute to the creation of:

  • A global ecosystem and participatory, where the presence of publishers and booksellers will contribute to the dissemination and the presence of a diverse thought.
  • A living and moving ecosystem, sensitive to our social realities. · An ecosystem where the differences have a value. Literal To create spaces where this biodiversity can be manifested. A biodiversity that is expressed in a place called bookstore; That is why we also favor the presence of libraries that are capable of imagining tools in favour of the creation of this ecosystem.
  • An open ecosystem. We must promote the expansion of the ecosystem of the book creating workshops, reading circles, cultural associations and everything that helps to consolidate and expand the number of readers.
  • An ecosystem that is connected to the outside, imagining on Exchange programs with the whole of the book chain, this means implementing the knowledge to do it live. The ecosystem is also expressed in other ways. Keep the variety means do exist the biodiversity of the ecosystem. Beyond the bookstores, we need to create spaces that can sustain and renew these different forms of expression.

The book ecosystem is also an economic system, with a turnover, workers, editors who earn, and others that are indebted. But the social and cultural impact of the book production is not the same as that of other sectors, often favoured by fiscal measures. Wouldn't we be able to request some forms of disrecording for those who buy books? A taxation with facilities for those who make them? A tax-deductions for those who subsidizes them? For this reason, Literal is not just a book fair, it wants to be an independent animator, born on the initiative of a group of editors with the aim of being present and helping to create the creation of this ecosystem.