News of the Fair Literal Barcelona

Long live ideas and radical books! The Fair is opened Literal 2019

This Friday night the fair has been inaugurated Literal , which will last until Sunday evening. A weekend in which book stalls, conferences, music, conversations, children's spaces, interviews, cooperative cuisine and a wide range of activities will fill the Fabra I Coats in the framework of the Fira Literal , the fair of ideas and radical books.
The fair has opened a conversation around the construction of the feminist city. Before that, an inaugural toast has been made. We reproduce the discourse that has made the spokesperson of the Literal 2019, Carlota Freixenet:

Good afternoon and welcome to the fifth edition of the Fair Literal .

The Literal is a fair of books and radical ideas, and we understand radicality as a way of going to the root of things, as Angela Davis said. Because we defend that books make us more free and happier. We defend the need to read to grow, to transform, to bring life to the center, to decide how we want to live.  For this reason every year we grow the fair. Because we take very seriously the radicality of the book, because we are aware of its strength.

We celebrate the fifth edition of the Fair and it fills us with joy, and makes us very happy to share this edition with you all that is so special for us. This year, which we celebrate five years, we do also with a book, "literally" a compilation of lectures, talks and interviews that we have been doing over the last years.

This year, you will find two main themes at the fair: the feminist economy and the rise of fascism in Europe. For this reason we will have the presence of two guests of honour: Silvia Federici and Eirikur Orn Nordhal. But not only will we talk about that. This afternoon, when we have just provided, we wait for a round table to talk about how we build the feminist city. As a fair, we are aware that we cannot be alien to what surrounds us, and so, a few days from the municipal elections seemed essential to reflect on the model of city from feminism, which has always been one of the topics we have dealt with.

We invite you to participate in the fair globally. Come, enjoy, listen to the talks, take a stroll through the book market, enjoy the concerts, grab a craft beer and above all, put a face to the people who publish radical books throughout the year.

And now I want to ask you to get the cup and give us with a glass of Txitxarel · lo or Cabronet, for the fair Literal . That will give the fair, for the five years, for all the people that make it possible, for the publishers who participate, by the speakers who will accompany us, and by the team who work throughout the year to make possible this that is about to be born.